acute/chronic back pain care


Our Spinal Rehabilitation is a comprehensive program consisting of following three components:

1. Spinal Range of Motion, Flexibility & Strengthening

2. Pilates Core Strengthening & Postural Correction

3. MedX Spinal Strengthening (link to MedX flyer)

Our spinal rehabilitation program involves a multi-faceted approach to treating chronic spine pain. Most rehabilitation procedures for chronic spine patients are minimally beneficial if they do not specifically address functional deficits and provide for improved functional outcomes. Seven Oaks' program stresses functional outcomes as well as objective and subjective improvements. Patient education is also a high priority. A basic knowledge of spinal mechanics and the effects of poor posture, a lack of flexibility, poor body mechanics, and inadequate spinal and abdominal strength is integral to the patient understanding and subsequently reducing chronic spinal pain. The patient is instructed that unless a significant portion of the rehabilitation program carries over to every day activities the level of improvement and the length that it lasts may be reduced. Developing a patient awareness of the importance of a regular daily spinal exercise program is among the priorities.

2. A Pilates based flexibility and core-strengthening program is frequently a component of our spinal rehabilitation program. Physical therapists who are trained in the specific techniques and philosophy of Pilates educate and train the patient in core (lower abdominal) strengthening techniques utilizing the Pilates reformer tables. Educating the patient in the proper "neutral spine" position is an integral part of the Pilates rehabilitation program. This knowledge and training provides the patient with the understanding and muscle memory to maintain a proper neutral spine position during normal ADL's. The ability to maintain proper posture/neutral spine can result in reducing spinal irritation and chronic strain, which are frequently the cause of chronic spinal pain.

3. MedX testing and spinal extensor muscle strengthening is a vital component to our spinal rehabilitation program. Research performed and reported by the University of Florida and orthopedic physicians demonstrates significant benefit from isolated, spinal extensor strengthening utilizing the MedX equipment. MedX testing provides a detailed picture of an individual's spinal strength and range of motion. Significant deficits in spinal extensor strength and/or range of motion can be a significant contributing factor to repetitive spine injuries and flare-ups. If after MedX testing the patient demonstrates significant deficits in strength or range of motion, a MedX exercise program is initiated based on a patient's specific rest results.